women day

They tried to bury us but they did not know we were seeds

Today is the day of vulnerable class of the society. we(men) call them our honor. But have you ever asked yourself? How much you are true with your this argument? what you have done for them to justify your this statement “They are our honour”? Have you tried to uphill the living standard of your honour? Have you ever taken a single step for their independancy?

I think No a big No.

From the day first you are trying to bury them but they also got adopted to our this brutal behaviour. they are seeds if you burry them they will grow into tender plant and that will lead to a hard tree. Today alot of people will write . some will write for their education issues, some will cover domestic violence , some will highlight sexual harassment cases in the society and so on.

But i want to focus on change of mindset of both males and females. which is pivotal for the progress of both of them.They are not opposite but two tires of the same car. For functional stability they have got separate domains and zones of work. Both of them should confind themselves to their respective domains in order to sustain peace of life ranging from home to communities. On both sides things are taken egoistically. If a female works for women empowerment males think they need superiority over men. Although they talk about their basic rights.

Pashtuns Kids Burqa

On the other hand if a man (in the form of father, brother,uncle) tries to confined the working domain of a female so she begins to claim they are suppressing us. Its not the proper approach on both sides. Both sides should do mental growth in order to create harmony in the fight for their respective rights. none is suppressing other. if you need freedom first free your mind from your own made prison. But if you want to break stereotypes and so called norms of the society surely you are going to face issue. Freedom has a price .

At the end i would like to conclude. Neither you are superior nor inferior. you have your own domain and you are fit for that. If you want to redifine and reshape your domain hurdles are sure to touch your path. so its upto you.

#Article By Abrar Ahmad #Women’sday

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